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Friday, March 31, 2017

Happily Homemaking At Home

The last few months I have been on a blogging hiatus.  Sometimes we just need to take life by the horns and slow down and bit and re-group.  I needed time to refresh my soul, renew my mind and breakup my "writer's block".  I wanted to really think on the direction I want the blog to go in.  Instead of just a food blog I decided to make this a homemaking blog.  There will still be lots of recipes, but I will also be including homemaking, housewife, homestead and work-from-home articles.

About six months ago I made some changes in my life.  I left my full-time job after my chronic digestive issues flared up AGAIN and come home and be a full-time wife and homemaker.  At the end of December I started an eBay store to help supplement our income.  This has worked out SO MUCH better for me and my husband!  Working from home part-time allows me to be able to BE the keeper AT home and still be able to contribute to our household income.

Over the last few months my goal has been to just get back-to-basics of really being an old-fashioned, stay-at-home housewife and just overall simplifying my and my husband's home life.  Having a good marriage takes a lot of hard work, but when you can make your marriage work against all odds, you have found something that most people never find, a happy home.  I have been really working on my home and organizing it better, dusting off some old homemaking skills like baking four loaves of bread every two weeks, making a menu, cooking from scratch, and even washing our dishes by hand even though we have a dishwasher (GASPING!!!!  You're doing what?!?!).

I haven't taken to hand washing our laundry again YET.  We do have a washer and dryer, but it is nice to know that I have the skill and knowledge to do that if I decided to or need to.  It's been several years since we have hand wash our laundry.  It is hard work and takes so much longer than using a modern electric appliance do to the job, but there is something so satisfying about using your own energy to get a job done.  As an added bonus, you're clothes actually do come out cleaner when you was them by hand.  As part of my frugality, I also make awesome homemade laundry soap that is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.

With just me and my husband, on a limited income, I am making the most of what we have and being frugal with our money and my time.  Housewives back in the day did not have all of the modern appliances we have now.  The used their hands to do a lot of the work.  They also didn't have a lot of modern distractions to keep them from doing their homemaking responsibilities, but the did have to manage their time to accomplish their daily tasks.  Back to the hand washing our dishes, it just doesn't make since to run the dishwasher when it is just the two of us.

I am enjoying my time here on the home front.  Managing my home just like my grandmother and mother used to do.  I have some ideas for upcoming blog post on homemaking, gardening, recipes and more.  Stay tuned!

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Love life and be well,



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