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Monday, April 3, 2017

Fresh Fruit Breakfast Bowl

Spring is in the air, flowers and trees are blooming and fresh fruits are coming into season.  Nothing taste better than a big bowl of fresh mixed fruit with whole grain cereal for breakfast in the mornings!

This morning I used the fruit I had on hand, any fruit blend will work.  Fresh or frozen (and thawed) fruit works well, just use what you have.  Today I had frozen mango that I thawed and chopped, fresh sliced strawberries and fresh large medjool dates that I pitted and chopped.

I mixed all the fruit in a large bowl and topped it off with several handfuls of Barbara's brown rice crisps cereal.  You could add some yogurt to this as well, but I prefer mine without it.  This is a filling, delicious breakfast and SOOO good for you!

Good morning!  Enjoy!

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Love life and be well,



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