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If you love food you have come to the right place! In 2012, a minor illness quickly turned into a MAJOR problem.  My gall bladder died and had to be removed.  I suddenly found myself unable to eat the way I used too.  I was severely fat-intolerant and have suffered from major digest issues ever since.  After years of illness that should have resolved own it's own and didn't, I began extensively researching food, diets and eating habits that would help to restore my health and that's how The Healthetarian Woman was born.

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For me, a healthetarian lifestyle means eating a clean, whole foods diet as much as possible.  I am NOT vegan or vegetarian by any means.  Although I do eat both types of meals from time to time.  I tend to stay away from foods that cause me digestive discomfort and love my body with foods that don't.    Sometimes it is gluten-free, sometimes it is meat-free, some-times it is dairy- or soy-free and ALWAYS low/moderate fat.  Sometimes it is none of those, because hey, I LOVE TO EAT, even if it's bad for me.  You will find that almost none of my recipes on this blog contain ground beef, regular beef or large amounts of oil or fat. Those are foods that causes me digestive discomfort.  

I get asked ALL THE TIME, "Denise, what DO you eat?"  Well, the answer is simple, I eat the same thing everyone else eats, made the way I can eat it.  Friday nights are homemade pizza nights at our house.  Once you start making your own pizza, you will NEVER want take-out pizza again!  And no pizza dinner is complete without bread sticks.  This Little Caesars copy-cat recipe is sure to be a crowd pleaser at your house too.  

I haven't eaten at a fast food restaurant, except for Subway, in 8 years.  I used to miss burgers and fries.  Ground beef is  something that I don't tolerate.  Most fake meats are just, UMMMM.....NASTY!  I wanted a ground beef substitute that would not only taste great, but make a great burger and hold up as meatless crumbles in soups and sauces like chili and pasta sauce.  After a LOT of trial and error, I finally created my vegan meatless crumbles & meatless burgers and have become two of my most popular recipes!  

Desserts are a big deal at my house.  When I became fat-intolerant I had to learn a whole new way of cooking and baking to make our favorite treats.  My Refrigerator No Bake Cookies and Healthy Hello Dolly Protien Bars are so easy to make and you don't even have to turn on the stove!  

Speaking of gluten-free, when I was early on in my digestive illness, my doctor recommended I try a gluten-free diet.  I was totally gluten-free for three years.  I know how hard learning to cook and bake gluten-free can be.  I experimented with several store-bought gluten-free flour blends but none of them tasted right or produced a quality finished product.  Since I couldn't find a blend that I loved, I created my own perfect gluten-free flour blend.  I love it!  It makes the BEST gluten-free chocolate chip cookiesbiscuits, and hamburger buns!

One of the hardest parts about cooking and baking is always trying to figure out what's for dinner.  Can I get an amen??  That's why I love having a calendar filled out on my fridge to help me stay on top of meal times!  

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